1964 — H.G. Hill Jr.
1965 — Clifford Love Jr.
1966 — Edmund W. Turnley Sr.
1967 — Mark Bradford Jr.
1968 — Roupen M. Gulbenk
1969 — Harold U. Buchi
1970 — George H. Cate Jr.
1971 — Russell W. Brothers
1972 — James M. Hudgins M.D.
1973 — Robert L. Freeman
1974 — D. H. Vardell
1975 — Thomas E. Baldridge
1976 — Homer B. Gibbs Jr.
1977 — James M. Ward
1978 — Charles L. Cornelius Jr.
1979 — A. Battle Rodes
1979 — William C. Weaver Jr.
1980 — William Henderson
1981 — Sydney F. Keeble Jr.
1982 — J. P. Foster
1983 — W. Ridley Wills II
1984 — Walter Knestrick
1985 — Dortch Oldham
1986 — Jack Elisar
1987 — Robert L. Bibb Jr.
1988 — James L. Harper
1988 — William B. Wadlington M.D.
1989 — William Wilson
1990 — E.M. “Bert” Haywood
1991 — Nelson Andrews
1992 — Sandra Ford Fulton
1993 — William E. Turner Jr.
1996 — Margaret H. Maddox
1997 — H. Lee Barfield
1998 — John Ed Miller
1999 — Rebecca Thomas
2000 — Cal Turner Sr.
2001 — Senator Douglas Henry
2002 — James A. “Jimmy” Webb III
2003 — Anne E. Ragsdale
2004 — Florence Davis
2005 — Ron F. Knox Jr.
2006 — Jacquelyn Draughon Guthrie
2007 — Bill DeLoache
2008 — Cal Turner Jr.
2009 — Wood S. Caldwell
2010 — Rep. Brenda Gilmore
2011 — Frank F. Drowota III
2012 — George L. Yowell
2013 — Marty G. Dickens
2014 — Leilani S. Boulware
2015 — Bill Lee
2016 — Liz Wilson
2017 — R. Walter Hale III
2018 — Jimmy Granberry
2019 — David Wilds
2020 — John Gromos
2021 — Tony Wall 

2022 order of the red triangle

Dr. Phyllis Hildreth

dr. phyllis hildrethThe YMCA of Middle Tennessee presented its highest volunteer honor—the Order of the Red Triangle—to Phyllis Hildreth. Our 2022 recipient is a long-time board member, volunteer, and community leader.

The Y acknowledged Hildreth with this honor for her instrumental work with the YMCA’s HBCU Alliance, which developed following a series of community dialog sessions co-led by Hildreth, aimed at identifying ways in which the Y could convene other organizations and resources to best meet the needs of the community and chart a more sustainable future.

Hildreth is former Director for Lipscomb University’s Institute for Conflict Management, and currently serves as the Vice President of Strategy and Chief of Staff at American Baptist College.

When the Y had conflict in its midst, Phyllis answered that powerful four-letter word “help,” and said “yes.”

She helped to lead the YMCA through a series of Community Dialog Sessions that ultimately resulted in a public Request for Proposal (RFP) for partners for the Northwest Y, which was eventually awarded to establish a newly formed consortium of Nashville’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). After getting to know her and seeing her work first-hand, she was invited to join the Y board, and she continues to serve.

A graduate of Harvard University with a degree in biology, Hildreth went on to obtain her law degree from the University of Maryland in Baltimore, where she and her husband, Dr. James Hildreth, current president of Meharry Medical College, spent the early years of their career—and where she served as both deputy secretary of the Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice and as the very first managing director of the Baltimore Juvenile Justice Center.

Hildreth has not only led dialogues for the YMCA, but on the heels of a series of incidents involving Nashville police and young people of color, Hildreth was also called on to lead the “Real Dialogues,” a series of conversations addressing policing, criminal justice and race relations. More than 1,000 community members were given voice through that process, and gave rise to the city’s first Community Oversight Board. She’s also served two terms on the Human Rights Commission and as a member of the Nashville Centennial Conservancy.


Retired Army veteran;

Nominated by:
Sumner County Family YMCA
"Vern is an awesome supporter of our Y. He is an extremely generous giver, and he helps us to raise money every year for our Annual Giving Campaign. He is the first to volunteer for any event at our Y, and he is so positive to everyone he encounters. He is always supporting us with his time, talents and treasures. He constantly lends a listening ear and an encouraging word to members and staff."

Retired; community campaigner; Aquatics member

Nominated by:
North Rutherford Family YMCA
"Ms. Marion is the ‘Queen’ of the North Rutherford Family YMCA. Each year, she has led volunteers in campaign dollars raised. Over the past two years, she has secured more than $3,000 during each community campaign. She is an advocate for the YMCA inside and outside of our walls."

Criminal Court Clerk of Davison County in the 20th Judicial District

Nominated by:
Northwest Family YMCA
"Mr. Gentry has distinguished himself by his advocacy of the Northwest Family Y and his positive contributions, specifically actively supporting projects critical to our growth and sustainability. He exemplifies our core values, and lives in a manner which inspires respect and admiration."

Retired Dentist

Nominated by:
Donelson-Hermitage Family YMCA
"Tom is committed and enthusiastic about the YMCA mission and values. He has worked diligently for the past two years to lead the charge in strengthening this community by fearlessly telling the story and asking donors to join him."

Vice President, Technology, Ops & Services at MercuryGate

Nominated by:
Franklin Family YMCA
"He has devoted hours upon hours of introducing me to various members and leaders in our community. He has made it his mission to have our goals met by coordinating and implementing a successful campaign with community, staff and board members. The knowledge and energy that he brings to the table makes my role as the executive seamless. It is my honor to acknowledge his leadership, strength and love for the Franklin YMCA."

General Manager and Events Coordinator, Lockeland Table

Nominated by:
Margaret Maddox Family YMCA
"Margaret Maddox Y is honored to recognize Katie Struzick as our Volunteer of the Year for 2022. Her dedication and selflessness have made a significant impact on our organization and the community we serve."

Commercial Real Estate Broker, Progent Commercial

Nominated by:
Green Hills Family YMCA
"Brian has served as our board chair through our renovation project and was very instrumental in helping us secure capital donors. He’s given so much time and talent to our Y."